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Interpreting services

Consecutive or conference interpreter

In consecutive interpreting, interpreters render what the speaker says during a pause in speech. The interpreter translates, explains or summarises in order to clearly and plainly convey the conversation between the speakers.
We are very often asked to provide interpreting services to notaries. During house transactions, or when mortgage deeds or prenuptial agreements are being signed, for instance, it is crucial that both parties are completely sure about what is being recorded.

We also provide interpreters for other activities, such as mediation interviews at housing associations and for court hearings, business meetings, negotiations, medical consultations, company visits and insurance matters.
It is essential to use a professional interpreter if you are organising a conference, symposium or event with foreign participants. You can also make your event more memorable for your guests by distributing translated summaries in various languages.

On-site interpreters

Our interpreters almost always work on site.
For example, they can work at your notary’s office to interpret the meeting for your house transaction or the execution of a prenuptial agreement.

If you need an interpreter to accompany you to a meeting, mediation interview or conference, we will find a suitable interpreter who is based nearest to the location. This saves potential travel costs and travel time. We arrange for contact between you as the client, and the interpreter, in advance.
Several examples where the general picture may be clear, but the details are essential include international business, detailed contracts, financial and annual reports, foreign diplomas, living or studying abroad, insurance claims whilst on holiday, doctor's visits abroad, marrying a foreign partner and legal or criminal matters in another country.

Interpreting services for everyone

Our interpreting services are not only for business, government bodies and organisations – we can also provide interpreters to private individuals.

If you need an interpreter, contact us in advance so we can check the interpreter’s availability. Please contact us as soon as you know that you will need an interpreter. We will reserve time right away in the interpreter’s schedule and send you a no-obligation quotation.

Using a professional interpreter means that both parties are able to communicate clearly and unambiguously. However, cultural differences often get overlooked, which is why it is essential to use a professional interpreter. After all, you want to do good business and build a solid relationship with your future partners.

We will find an interpreter who has the most suitable education, background, origin and style for the assignment. We are always keen to hear from both parties (client and interpreter) at the end of the assignment about how the interpreting went. This enables us to keep improving our services.

We have interpreters for all languages

Do you need a professional (certified) interpreter?
We provide interpreters to notaries for meetings involving home transfers and mortgage deeds.
You can also contact us directly to request an interpreter.

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Need an interpreter from European Translation Agency AABEE?

We have been providing translation and interpreting services to companies, government bodies, institutions and private individuals since 1985.
We offer professional (certified) interpreters for all languages.
The hallmarks of our service are personal contact, short lines of communication, first-rate interpreting and a rapid service. These are what turn our clients into our ambassadors. We have long-term relationships with many of our clients in the Netherlands and abroad. Our range of languages, interpreters and services mean that we are so much more than just a translation agency for our clients.