Translation Agency for all languages

Translation Agency for all languages

We translate all languages

We have provided so many translations over the last 30 years that there are just too many language combinations to mention.
This page provides general details on the languages that our translators work with every day. We have the best translators who are ready to translate European languages for you, but also other languages such as Turkish, Russian or Asian languages. We can translate from Dutch into one of these languages, vice-versa or into any combination of these languages.
If the language you are looking for is not shown here, please contact us directly so that we can help.

We have translators for all European languages

We are a Certified translation agency for the entire European Union

There are 24 official EU languages spoken and written in the European Union. These are also the working languages used in Europe. We translate all kinds of documents in these languages every day. We not only translate official documents for companies and government bodies, but also documents for private individuals. We also translate regional languages, including languages such as Basque or Catalan.
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Greek
  • Portugese
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Swedish
  • Romanian
  • Bulgarian
  • Danish
  • Estonian
  • Hungarian
  • Latvian
  • Croatian
  • Finnish
  • Slovenian
  • Lithuanian
  • Irish
  • Slovak
  • Maltese

“We translate all subject areas, including legal, financial, technical, maritime, construction, commercial, medical, insurance, and websites.”

Translation of Turkish or Iranian languages

Around 220 million people speak a Turkish language as their first language, and roughly 40% of them speak Turkish. Large parts of the populations of Central and Western Asia and the Balkans speak a language that is categorised as a Turkish language.
Kurdish is spoken in the region Kurdistan, Anatolia, Caucasus and Khorasan by 20 to 30 million native speakers.
Azerbaijani (or Azeri) is the official language of Azerbaijan. It also spoken by numerous people in neighbouring Iranian Azerbaijan and by smaller minorities in Georgia and the far east of Turkey. This language is estimated to be spoken by 23 to 30 million people.

Translation of Russian languages

There are around 154 million Russian speakers. Russian is spoken in countries including Russia, Moldavia, Ukraine and Belarus. In addition to Russian, we also translate from and into Belarusian and Ukrainian in many subject areas. Belarusian is the official language of Belarus and of twelve Polish municipalities.

Translation of Asian languages

Mandarin Chinese is spoken by no fewer than 1.248 billion people in north and south-western China. In addition to Mandarin Chinese, we also translate from and into Cantonese. Furthermore, we offer the option of certified or regular translations. Our seasoned translators and interpreters are highly qualified, have in-depth cultural knowledge and provide first-rate translations and/or interpreting services. Japanese is spoken in Japan and Palau, often by people who only speak it as their only language. Having your documents translated into Japanese by AABEE’s translators will gain you great respect from your Japanese contacts. If you have a business meeting with a Japanese speaker, we can also provide you with an excellent Japanese interpreter.

Arabic translation

Arabic is spoken by approximately 295 million people in countries including Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Somalia, Tunisia and Sudan. It is also spoken by many people who live in Europe. We are increasingly providing translations from and into Arabic. Colloquial forms of Arabic such as Iraqi Arabic, Berber, Palestinian Arabic, Jordanian Arabic, Syrian Arabic and Lebanese Arabic languages are also widely spoken. These differences mean that people are unable to understand each other in Arabic. That is why good, accurate translations or interpreting services are extremely important. Our certified and regular translators are able to perfectly reproduce your message for the correct target audience.

African languages

South Africa is the port of entry to Africa. This country is an important transport hub and has busy liner routes that navigate the South African coast. One of the strong points of the South African market is its immense potential in the agribusiness, water, transport & logistics, life sciences & health and retail sectors.

Many different languages are spoken on the African continent, including Tigrinya, Swahili, Arabic (North Africa) and Afrikaans. There is no official language known as ‘South African’. Your European translation Agency also translates rarer languages and has certified and regular translators for these languages.

"If the language you are looking for is not shown here, please contact us directly so that we can help."