The price depends on whether you need an uncertified translation or a translation by a sworn translator.

Italian – Dutch Diploma Translation


Have your diploma or certificate (max. 400 words) translated by a professional  Italian – Dutch Translator.

Please select here if you need a certified or an uncertified translation.


Italian – Dutch Diploma Translation

Planning to live, work or study abroad?
Then it is almost certain that you need a certified translation of your diploma, list of marks and any attachments.
Your diploma or certificate translation is quickly arranged with our unique concept; “Translation in a box!
A word-for-word human translation of your document for a fixed price.

Why us?

  • A fixed price for your order
  • Free shipping of your hard copy
  • Our sworn native speaker translators translate daily high school diplomas or university diplomas
  • Our team of  over 350 native translators has been guaranteeing our high-quality services and products since 1985
  • Service you can count on

Product details:
Maximum number of words: 400

Certified or Uncertified translation:

  • Certified: You receive a digital version of your translation by email and a hardcopy by post (Our certified specialists are certified by a court for their respective language combinations (for instance, Dutch into English). This certificate of accuracy states that the translation has been faithfully translated in the opinion of the translator, and that it is entirely correct and fully corresponds to the source documents. Certified translators have to keep their knowledge up to date and take additional courses and attend workshops for their certified language combinations. A certified translation is accompanied by the translator’s signature and stamp. These documents are firmly attached to each other so that no extra documents can be added (or removed). Any changes made to the certified translation after delivery will invalidate the document which means it will lose its certification. We deliver all certified translations as bound documents that cannot be changed without damaging the document. As a result, our certified translations are accepted by official bodies throughout the world.)
    Our quality is guaranteed. Your translation is a customized product and cannot be returned.
  • Uncertified: You receive a digital version of your translation by email

Price includes: 21% VAT & Free Shipping for a hard copy of your certified translation!


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