Translators from European Translation Agency AABEE

Professional translators!

certified or uncertified

Professional translators

Our team of around 300 translators and interpreters has been guaranteeing our high-quality services and products since 1985. Our team is highly qualified, dedicated and delivers exceptional quality, often under considerable time pressure.

We select translators on an ongoing basis. Many of our translators are native speakers and translate into their mother tongue in order to guarantee the best quality.
Our translators have university backgrounds or have trained at a university of applied sciences and are specialists in their subject areas. Legal experts who trained as translators and have years of experience in both subject areas also work for AABEE.
Furthermore, AABEE has medical specialists and certified translators and also professional translators trained in technical subjects.
Our translators also use screeners to check their translation work.

Our translators in a nutshell!

  • Translator English
  • Translator German
  • Translator French
  • Translator Italian
  • Translator Spanish
  • Translator Dutch
  • Translator Greek
  • Translator Portugese
  • Translator Polish
  • Translator Czech
  • Translator Swedish
  • Translator Romanian
  • Translator Bulgarian
  • Translator Danish
  • Translator Estonian
  • Translator Hungarian
  • Lets Translator
  • Translator Croatian
  • Translator Finnish
  • Translator Slovenian
  • Translator Lithuanian
  • Irish translator
  • Translator Slovak
  • Translator Maltese